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GIF Booth London

Animated GIF booth London

Organising entertainment for an event is complicated enough, and getting guests to take fun and creating photos shouldn’t be so difficult.

The setup of our GIF booths takes a small footprint which allows you to place them in tight spaces. They can be powered through the mains or a battery pack for greater convenience and transportability.

With our user-friendly interface, guests can enjoy a seamless experience, having endless fun in creating shareable content.

Contact us today to hire an animated GIF booth in London and surrounding areas.

How does a GIF booth work?

Simply walk up to the GIF Booth and choose to take a photo, GIF or boomerang.

See yourself on the live screen, add filters or digital props.

Share the final result via Email, SMS or social media.

Print out multiple copies of your photo (optional).

Black or white GIF booths now available

Black and White GIF booth

Completely customise the look and user-experience of our GIF booths to match your theme! It's easy to add your own graphics, flowers, sparkles and more for a truly unforgettable experience.

Check out some of our favourite photos, GIFs & Boomerangs below.

Custom GIF booth installations

Bespoke GIF booth enclosures, stands and wall mounted options can be manufactured upon request.

Hire a GIF booth for your next event or marketing campaign. Hybrid solutions are now available!

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