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Animated GIF Booth Hire London

Capture Kick-ass Content Guests Love to Share

Organising entertainment for an event is complicated enough, and getting guests to take awesome shots really shouldn’t be so difficult.

Hire our animated GIF Booth in London, UK and surrounding areas and be an event planning mastermind. Setup is quick and straightforward and takes a small footprint. Guests will enjoy a seamless experience with our user-friendly GIF Booths and will have endless fun creating shareable content.

Completely configure options including Still Photos, Stop Motion GIFs & Boomerang GIFs, all integrated into one stylish experience with optional data capture and analytics. All content is cloud-hosted on a digital microsite that's immediately accessible in real time from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Synchronise and deliver content across multiple locations simultaneously with additional GIF Booths, Sharing Stations & Printing Kiosks.

Incorporate our newest Wireless Printing option and get the best of both worlds by sharing on social media and taking home 'keepsake' prints, fully branded in line with your marketing goals.

Not only can you print Still Photos, but Stop Motion GIF and Boomerang Printing are now possible with our latest software update! See the complete feature list here.

How does the GIF Booth Look?

Hire our GIF Booth on a simple stand/enclosure or stand out with a fully branded plinth & printed backdrop.

How the GIF BOOTH works

Simply walk up to the GIF Booth and select your desired Photo, Stop Motion GIF or Boomerang.

See yourself on the live screen and watch the magic happen.

Add dynamic filters, send it to your Email, Text it, Share it on Social Media and Print it.

Supercharge your next experiental marketing campaign or event with the GIFPIX experience

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