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GIF booth hire

A GIF booth is a sleek alternative to a regular photo booth, yet increasingly popular at weddings and promotional events.

Our modern GIF booths are easy to use, simple to customise and a powerful marketing tool.

Entertain your audience by unlocking the full potential of fun, creativity and social media sharing at your next event with a GIF booth hire.

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King of the GIF Boomerangs Photos & GIFs Prints
Smooth Skin Soft Lighting Flattering
Bullet Time GIFs Matrix Effect 120° Arc Slider
Roaming Experience Stills & GIFs

Looking for a GIF booth for Virtual Events? Check out our sister site here

GIF booth hire for private events

Whether you're looking for a wedding GIF booth hire or a creative party idea, our new GIF booths for 2021 are a perfect addition to capture personalised photos and GIFs.

GIF photo booth hire for brands

Our GIF photo booths are suitable for both manned/unmanned events and brand activations, including retail and fashion stores, bars, restaurants, festivals, tradeshows, exhibitions and more.

Create a custom user experience that suits your marketing goals giving you the best brand exposure.

Allow guests to animate photos with GIFs/Boomerangs, record videos and share on social media.

Real-time analytics and data capture are available to track the progress of your campaign.

Previous events

2021 updates

  • Virtual Photo Booth & Competitions

    Keep your customers entertained and create social media engagement with our new virtual photo booth! Couple this with competition features for an awesome virtual event. Check out our sister site here
  • Fully Custom Video Mode

    Video is king with our latest update allowing you to capture unique video marketing content that's edited and processed with the click of a button. Slow-mo, killer effects, testimonials... no problem!
  • Custom Digital Props

    Add your own custom made digital props! With our new face-tracking technology, you can see your chosen digital props in real-time adding that extra fun factor to your event.
  • GIF Adverts

    Automatically add an Advert to play at the end of every GIF. A great way to increase brand exposure & offer promotions that will be seen across the social media channels.
  • Video Start Screen

    Add your own custom video start screen to increase engagement. It's a perfect way to attract guests using high-impact visuals and ideal for showcasing your brand in the most effective way possible.

Features & options

Boomerangs capture a series of photos in quick succession and and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward.

They have become a popular trend on Instagram and are more likely to be shared than a 'static' image.
The Stop Motion GIF takes a series of still photos that are combined to create a multi-frame animation.

The branding, number of still frames and speed of each frame can be completely customised.
Still Photos can be customised to your exact size, layout & brand. Popular options include Instagram Square & Story sizes, 4" x 6" Postcards, Portraits and Strips.

Our software makes it easy to suit a range of scenarios.
The green screen feature shows live previews of your guests super-imposed on multilple backgrounds of your choice.

Green screen is compatible with all our options to create extra dynamic to your event.
Add custom animations to your digital backdrounds!

Treat your guests to a more immersive experience by animating the backgrounds to create stunning Stop Motion GIFs and Boomerangs.
Wirelessly connect professional photo printers to any of our experiences.

Not only can you print Still Photos, printing Stop Motion GIFs and Boomerangs are also possible with our latest updates in automatic keyframe selection!
Clients have complete control over branding the Frames & Overlays for both Photos and GIFs. Whether you want something simple or complex with animated overlays, anything is possible with our custom design service.

Our multi-choice feature makes is possible to have multiple designs, layouts and outputs. This means guests can choose the look of their Photo or GIF before it begins. Perfect for showcasing multiple brands, themes or experiences.
Increase exposure with a branded microsite & get your message beyond the people attending. Microsites make all your Photos & GIFs instantly accessible the moment they are taken via our sophisticated cloud service.

Configure the microsite with your specific logo, background, URL and text for on-point branding your guests will love.
A Live Slideshow displays all the Photos, GIFs and Videos in real-time on a big screen monitor or projector.

Configure the size of each photo, how many photos get displayed and brand the background with your own design, logo or banner for maximum impact.
Customise the initial start screen with your own image or animated video that matches your event theme for increased engagement and brand recognition.
For a complete brand experience, it's possible to use your own email addresses, logos, SMS numbers and URLs for all content generated.

Your guests will never see our branding with our white labelling feature.
Allow guests to share their experience via SMS Text Messages by simply entering their phone number.

Customise the Message Body and Sender ID for greater personalisation.
Allow guests to instantly share their Photo and GIFs directly to an email address within seconds.

Customise the look and feel to match your branding by sending beautifully crafted emails to each guest.
Get social by sharing Photos & GIFs directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
Add brandable Sharing & Printing Kiosks that automatically display the content taken throughout your event(s). They allow guests to conveniently share/re-print their experience at any time or place.

All content and data analytics are synced via our cloud servers, so you could have sharing stations placed at any location across the world.
Add multi-page, data capture forms that enable you to collect custom information from your guests.

Enable data capture to collect telephone numbers, complete surveys, build email lists, run competitions and more.
Real-time analytics display up to date information about your event that's privately accessible from your phone or desktop.

Data can be downloaded onto a convenient Excel spreadsheet and you can continue to monitor the stats even after your event is complete.
Our software is cloud based which allows you to monitor it from anywhere in the world in real-time.

It's perfect for managing your photos and analytics whenever you want for numerous events simultaneously.
If you are offline or have a spotty internet connection, our system will safely store and queue the content so all events and experiences remain 100% functional and uninterrupted.