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The GIF Booth

Experience our state-of-the-art GIF Photo Booth that adds fun and excitement to any event.
Dimmable Ring Light GIF Booth

Lights, Camera, Action!

Capture stunning photos, gifs, boomerangs and videos.

Dimmable Beauty Ring Light

The adjustable soft-lighting creates the perfect ambiance for capturing your best moments.

Large Responsive Touchscreen

Navigate through various options with ease for a hassle-free photo booth experience.

Versatile Software

Our easy-to-use and reliable photo booth software offers a multitude of different experiences for brands, agencies and private events.

Fully Battery-Operated

No need to worry about power outlets or cables. Our booth operates on a long-lasting battery, providing hours of uninterrupted fun for you and your guests.

Angles, we got them!

Capture your most flattering angles.

Tilt-able Head Unit

Adjust it to your preferred position and strike a pose. Our booth ensures that you always look your best.

HD Camera

Our high-definition camera combines advanced processing technology to capture detailed visual memories that will last a lifetime.

Tilt-able Ring Light Photo Booth
GIF Photo Booth

Have it your way...

Our booths adapts to your style, allowing you to create personalised photo experiences.

Portrait or Landscape

Choose between portrait or landscape options to suit your preferences.

Personalised Screens

Add your own personal touch and customise the screens with your event theme, logos, or messages, making it truly unique.

Customisable Experiences

Make every moment count by capturing a variety of content, simultaneously!

Still Photos

Capture regular ‘still photos’ like a typical photo booth.

Our Photo Booths offer a range of layout options to perfectly match your style, allowing you to capture stunning photos that will be cherished forever.

Stop-motion GIFs

Bring your photos to life with stop-motion GIFs.

Our booth captures a series of photos and turns them into animated GIFs that are sure to impress.


Add a touch of fun and playfulness with our boomerang experience.

Our booth creates looped images that play forwards and backwards, adding a unique twist to your event.

AI Face Swap

Immerse yourself in digital art with our AI Faceswap feature!

Transform into your beloved characters or exchange roles with your friends in a snapshot. Our AI Faceswap brings a personalised and playful element to your gathering, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind memento for everyone.


Record short videos to capture messages, dances, or any other memorable moments.
Our booth lets you create lively video clips that you can share with friends and family.

Creative Effects

Add extra sparkle and elevate your photo booth experience with exciting effects that make your content stand out. From filters to overlays, our effects will make your photos truly remarkable.

‘Kardashian’ Beauty Filter Effect


Enhance your photos & videos with a variety of filters to create the perfect mood and result.

Animated Overlays

Imagine having sparkling confetti falling around you, fireworks in the background, or animated hearts floating gently across the screen.

Green Screen

Transport yourself to any location or create unique backgrounds with the green screen feature.

Visual FX

Add dynamic visual effects like zooms, slow-motion, and speed ramping to make your content more captivating.

Boost Your Brand

Take advantage of our branding features to enhance your event and increase brand awareness. Customise the photo booth experience with your company’s branding and leave a lasting impression.

Cohesive Workflow

Ensure a seamless user journey from start to finish, making it easy for guests to interact with the photo booth.

Data Capture

Collect valuable data and feedback from guests with GDPR-compliant forms, questionnaires, and surveys.


Engage your guests with interactive features like scratch-to-win and spin-to-win competitions.

Brand Awareness

Promote your brand with custom branding elements throughout the photo booth experience.

Customer Engagement

Encourage customer interaction and participation with personalised prompts and interactive elements.

Brand Loyalty

Strengthen brand loyalty by creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Increase Revenue

Drive revenue through photo booth add-ons, CTAs, sponsored content, or by offering other experiences.

No Fuss, Social Sharing

Share your photo booth moments instantly with our social sharing feature! Simply scan the QR code or enter your email or phone number, and we’ll send you a link to access and download your photos and videos directly. 

Custom Microsite

Create a custom -branded microsite that showcases your event’s photos and videos. Share the microsite with attendees, allowing them to relive the memories and share them on social media.


Showcase user-generated content on a big screen or projector and allow attendees to see themselves and their interactions, creating a sense of excitement and engagement.

Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into user engagement and behaviour with our comprehensive data analytics. Understand the impact of your event and make informed decisions for future planning.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed about the performance of your event in real-time. Monitor activity, track usage, and perform remote maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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