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Rum Kitchen


Rum Kitchen's Carnival Staff Party @ The Prince London

Social Event Coverage with a Roaming Photo Booth

The Rum Kitchen wanted something different this year for their staff carnival party and typically hired standard event photographers. The delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks after the event, but by then, the buzz has died down, and social sharing wouldn't be so effective. We were hired to provide an 'instant' solution to deliver branded event photos with prints on-site - all with a social sharing element.

See how we went above and beyond to create a seamless, all-around event photography service guests loved!

Roaming Event Photography Prints

Roaming GIF Booth


A portable studio was set up for photos against a white backdrop, and a Roaming 'Social' Photographer wondered the event, taking live-action Photos & GIFs that were all sent wirelessly to our printer and uploaded to a branded microsite.

As we processed & branded the Photos & GIFs immediately for review, printing and sharing them all via email/text or social media was seamless, we managed to capture some amazing content no other service provider could have delivered.

Roaming Photo Booth with Studio Setup

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